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Best Abu Dhabi Bars You Should Know for a Glittering Nightlife

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Abu Dhabi has a plethora of outstanding bars that provide a dynamic nightlife. These clubs showcase unique architectural concepts, captivating live DJ sets, and host some of Abu Dhabi’s most spectacular events and fests. Pubs are also a casual hangout for Abu Dhabi’s wealthy, so you’ll get a taste of their luxury lifestyle and way of life. In this article, we will look at the top Jazz bar and restaurant in Abu Dhabi that offer a fun night out.

Pubs in Abu Dhabi are ideal for a romantic date or a casual get-together with friends. You can dance your heart out under the stars or simply enjoy the evening dusk and your cocktail with calming live music at Abu Dhabi’s themed bars. Furthermore, these bars provide delectable international foods and have the finest beer and wine collections available elsewhere in the world. However, each pub has its own quirks and store rules; continue reading to learn more about the top pubs in Abu Dhabi.

Rays Bar

Have you ever imagined yourself as an action movie hero sipping a drink with sweeping views of the entire city? Well!! Rays Bar could be an ideal place for such fantasies. The bar is located on the 62nd story of the Ethiad buildings and offers spectacular views of the dazzling city life.

Rays Bar is one of the city’s most popular hangouts. It is well-known for serving a wide range of cocktails that will satisfy your taste buds, as well as for playing the latest music.


Penelope’s, inspired by the French Riviera’s Jazz Age, combines the laid-back splendour and refinement of the South of France with a contemporary elegance and flair.

The facility will provide cuisine, bespoke mixed beverages, and, of course, live jazz performances, and guests are urged to travel back in time to the French Riviera’s jazz heyday of the 1920s.

Mediterranean dishes and Penelope’s signature style classics, such as cured beef tartare, escargots with herbed butter, or foie gras torchon with pickled strawberry and toasted brioche, as well as wagyu tenderloin with terragon mustard, padron peppers, or marinated baby chicken in basque sauce, are available to visitors.


Relax@12, as the name suggests, is a laid-back pub where patrons can sip their drink while admiring the orange evening skyline and lovely city views. The setting of the bar on top of the Aloft Abu Dhabi hotel, with delightfully low-volume jazz and abundant cushions, is ideal for a laid-back evening. Relax@12 is well-known for its happy hour specials and unusual menu items.

Buddha Bar’s Barfly

Barfly by Buddha Bar is one of Abu Dhabi’s most distinctive bars. If you’re weary of going to cliche bars with loud music and uninteresting themes, go to Barfly by Buddha Bar for a unique experience. The bar’s Neo-Baroque mystic lounge concept is well-known. It offers an exceptional selection of alcoholic beverages as well as a diverse menu featuring various cuisines.

Jazz and Fizz Bar

One of the top bars in Abu Dhabi is Jazz and Fizz. The population in this bar is rather youthful, with a bunch of buddies having a casual hangout. So, if you’re seeking for a lively bar that plays the best Arab music, Jazz and Fizz Bar will not disappoint. While the music is vibrant and may keep people dancing all night, the club is recognised for its breathtaking views over Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi boasts an energetic but luxurious nightlife. These are just the best bars that are often visited and have a good rating. There are various clubs and pubs that provide excellent service and have high reviews.

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    Best Abu Dhabi Bars You Should Know for a Glittering Nightlife