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How To Choose The Best Law Firm For Your Company in Dubai, UAE

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Legal advice is an essential part of the process that goes on in a company from its inception through development stages.

Choosing the right law firm in Dubai, UAE is crucial, because it can determine the future of your company / business. However, with so many legal advisory firms operating in every area of UAE these days—not to mention that lawyers tend to be an overly self-important bunch—it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all of their hype and legal terms.

Here are 5 pro tips to keep in mind when choosing a law firm for your Company

1. Size of the Law Firms

One of the main aspects to look into when choosing the best law firm is its size. The size of your own company will determine how large (or small) you want the legal team in order for it aptly represent your business interests. A start-up, for example, only needs one or two legal consultants instead of hiring an entire big law firm from scratch on day one. The nature of the business and its financial budget are two factors that determine what size law firm will suits your legal needs.

2. Legal Expertise

Its better to investigate a law firm’s legal expertise and experience before hiring them. Check out the cases they have worked on in the past, and see what types of companies they’ve represented. Ensure that the client list is a good fit for your company in terms of industrial expertise, so you have realistic expectations about what working with them will be like.

3. Success Stories & Past client Experience

Ask about the firm’s experience with past clients. What kinds of cases have they dealt with and how did they resolve them? . Also you can see the rating and success stories in online mediums and social media. Before you take a job with a new client, do background research on the relationship between them and your business.

4. Terms of Engagement:

Lawyers can focus on a specific area of law, such as contract, criminal law, family law or real-estate law.

You will need to consider the nature of your business, possible legal issues facing you and choose a law firm that specifically addresses these concerns. It is important to read the terms of engagement very carefully, as these will inform you of your legal rights and liabilities.

5. Financial Terms & Condiitons

Choosing the right legal firm in UAE is important, and one of the most critical elements in that process is to choose a firm within your company budget. Most law firms work with a monthly retainer concept: you pay them every month in exchange for their legal advice. This should be decided based on how much assistance you need and the length of your case.

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    How To Choose The Best Law Firm For Your Company in Dubai, UAE