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What to Expect from an Abu Dhabi Moving Company

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Hiring a local Abu Dhabi moving company throughout your move is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make. While packing and moving can be done on your own, movers in Abu Dhabi can take the burden off your shoulders by doing the relocation process on your behalf. 

However, some people are hesitant to hire moving company in Abu Dhabi because they are unsure what to expect from them. The following are some of the essentials that you should expect from an Abu Dhabi moving company:

1. Relocation Consultant

A professional Abu Dhabi moving company should be able to provide you with a coordinator or contact person who will assist you in planning and evaluating your moving needs. In most situations, the individual will even come to your location to examine the things and advise you on packaging. If there will be more than one shift load, they will organise what goes first and notify you.

2. Assist with packing and loading 

Unless the homeowner decides to pack certain vital goods before the movers arrive, the homeowner should not be required to purchase packing materials. 

A professional moving company will pack your belongings, disassemble furniture (if applicable), and load them into the truck professionally so that nothing is damaged during transit. If it is part of the contract, some companies will additionally assist with unpacking.  

3. Vehicles that are insured

It is usually a good idea to ask your moving company to confirm that their cars are covered in case of an accident. Although vehicle insurance does not cover your items, it will ensure that you are not held liable if something happens while you have contacted them.

4. Service Personnel

These are the people who will help you move your belongings from the house to the vans and into the new house. To ensure that the transfer does not take longer than necessary, the contract should specify how many assistants you are entitled to. 

5. Service Agreement

This outlines all of the expenses as well as the scope of service that will be offered to you. It is critical that all details, including damages, repairs, packaging, and everything else you have agreed on, be documented. This protects you in the event that the service is not supplied as agreed.

6. Service Warranty

You’ve probably heard folks complain about how a moving company let them down by not providing the service as promised. A reputable mover should be able to provide you with a service guarantee to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved peacefully at the end of the contract.

7. Pet Transport Options

If you need your pets transferred, there are companies that offer this service, and if not, they may recommend alternatives. This should be made explicit before signing the contract to ensure that you do not endanger your animal’s health by transferring it in an unusual manner.


It is usually advised that you have an open conversation with the movers in Abu Dhabi to learn about their services and express your expectations. Remember that when relocating locally, the best method to secure your belongings is to obtain house insurance that includes local transit coverage for the covered items. This means that your risk is reduced in the event of damage. 

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    What to Expect from an Abu Dhabi Moving Company