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How Important to visit a Pediatric Dentist in Abu Dhabi for your Children?

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Tooth decay is a serious dental problem, because it can cause infections and other complications. It is important that you take precautions to properly keep your baby’s teeth clean and healthy. Tooth decay will not only affect the person with tooth decay, but also those around them since it spreads easily..

Tooth decay is a very common problem for babies and toddlers. The bacteria that causes caries, the condition that results in cavities, is absent in new borns. They acquire it by spittle that is transferred from the mouth of their caregiver to their own. Sharing spoons, tasting meals before feeding them to babies, wiping down pacifiers in the mouth rather than with water, and other actions where saliva is shared are ways that caregivers spread these bacteria. Better recommends dental visit with a pediatric dentist when she is one year old.

Saliva should never be shared with a new born because these bacteria can initiate the process that leads to cavities even before babies develop teeth. More advice on maintaining the health and happiness of your baby’s teeth and body can be found below.

Causes of Baby Tooth Decay

When bacteria that produce acid are present in a baby’s mouth, tooth decay begins to take hold. Babies can contract bacteria from parents and other caregivers through saliva. For instance, sharing saliva on spoons or cups, testing foods before feeding them to infants, and wiping off a pacifier in the mouth of the parent or caregiver all contribute to the transmission of it is important to visiting a pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi because they can help you with all the oral problems and in some early orthodontic treatments for kids also handled by pediatric dentist they will guide the parents to make the process easier.

When a child’s teeth and gums are exposed to any food or drink other than water for extended periods of time or repeatedly throughout the day, tooth decay can also form. Bacteria in the mouth convert natural or added carbohydrates into acid when they are present in a beverage or food. The teeth then begin to deteriorate as a result of this acid dissolving their outer layer.

When Can Children Begin Brushing Their Teeth?

Preventive dental care starts even before a baby’s first tooth erupts. The teeth may not always be visible, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In reality, teeth start to develop during the second trimester of pregnancy. 20 primary teeth, some of which are fully grown in the jaw, are present in your newborn at birth.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Babies

1. Form early, healthy oral habits. Teach children to regularly floss and use fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.

2. Avoid or limit certain foods. Cavities can be brought on by sugary foods, drinks, and candies, particularly sticky gummy candies, gummy vitamins, fruit leather, or “roll-ups.”

3. Never give your child a bottle or food before bed. This can not only expose your child’s teeth to sugars but also increase their risk of choking and ear infections.

4. Your youngster should consume fewer sweet or sticky items, such candies, gummies, cookies, Fruit Roll-Ups, or cookies. Foods like crackers and chips also contain sugar. These foods are particularly harmful if your toddler frequently nibbles on them. Only during meals should they be consumed. 


When your child turns one, make an appointment for her first dental checkup with a paediatric dentist. Beyond dental school, paediatric dentists receive further training in caring for infants and young children. Keep in mind: first tooth, first birthday, and first trip to the dentist!

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    How Important to visit a Pediatric Dentist in Abu Dhabi for your Children?